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We have many corporate customers who opt for London City airport visiting either London itself for business or connecting to the many European destinations available.

There is no doubt that London City can be a very convenient and efficient airport in the much less frantic winter months offering ultra quick check in and less expensive transport to the City or Central London – but can this be said about using the airport in the peak summer?

Like all airports these days retail space is king but with no lounge facility for the likes of British Airways passengers, seating is stretched to the limit with the increase in services during July and August in particular.

Flights to traditional “charter” hotspots like Tenerife and Ibiza now operate during the summer resulting in families being very hard pressed to find space to relax – not great for our business travel customers either who may want to work.

That is of course all airside but our Head of Operations Paul Cronje, who uses London City frequently, reckons it may be a good move to hang about non-airside in one of the cafes there as security is vastly improved. There are plenty of TV screens and at London City wifi is free. 

Just something to bear in mind as the holiday season goes into full swing.

This is the kind of information we feel is important to our customers – if you would like to benefit from this and other important guidance on travel matters contact one of our Sales Managers at


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